Board of Directors

The Center’s board of directors is a diverse group of people selected for their various abilities to help the Center grow and achieve excellence. According to our bylaws, the board consists of five church members, four parents of children enrolled in the Center, one community member, one teacher, the Director, the Assistant Director, and the Pastor of the church.

  • Winnie Chang – President (Parent)
  • Belinda Vidal – Vice President (Church)
  • Barbara Prieto – Secretary (Church)
  • Leslie Dellinger Aceituno – Treasurer (Parent)
  • Jennifer Papy Barrow – Parent
  • Sherry Zhang Warner  – Parent
  • Martha Shiverick– Church Member
  • Vivian German – Church Member
  • Christopher Quarles – Community
  • Lynn Pino D’Agostino – Director
  • Jessica Alexander – Assistant Director
  • Arleen February – Staff Member

Want to serve on the board? We are always recruiting new candidates.

Board nomination/application form is here:

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