Child Care Programs

Infants – 3 to 12 months
Staff provides a warm, loving, peaceful environment for our babies to first venture out into our community. Staff interacts one-on-one with the infants; the children are frequently held and carried to provide them with a wide variety of stimuli and experiences. Our staff talks to the infants before, during, and after moving the child. Each baby follows his or her own unique schedule. Parents provide baby food, diapers, formula and bottles as needed. The maximum child to educarer ratio is 4:1.
Toddlers – 8 to 18 months
Gaining sure footing for our new walkers is a major focal point for these children! We provide their first experiences with small, short, planned group activities throughout the day. The maximum child to educarer ratio is 4:1.
Pre-Scooters – 18 to 26 months
This group is very active! The individual personality of each child is blossoming; they are adding nearly one new word a day to their growing vocabulary. We provide an atmosphere designed to encourage their emerging individuality, with guided activities for learning basic social skills. The maximum child to educarer ratio is 5:1.
Scooters A & B – 24 to 36 months:
We focus in this age group on becoming aware of their friends, developing positive relationships with others, and working together. Social and interpersonal skills are nurtured within each of our children by providing creative play activities; the child?s intellectual development is encouraged through educational toys and games, as well as nature walks, art, group reading, and song and dance. Potty training is an exciting and important part of their lives, and we gently lead the child in developing good habits and hygiene. The maximum child to educarer ratio is 6:1.
Bloomers – 3+ years old; Delights – 3-4 yrs; Fantastics – 4-5 yrs (a.k.a. pre-school classes)
Our emphasis is on pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math skills through use of varied age appropriate materials. Staff supports interactive play and development of independence, helping when needed but coaching / allowing the child to do what they are capable of doing themselves. Learning takes place through hands-on activities, including puzzles, painting, reading, dramatic play, computer, and outdoor activities, for example.
Our Fantastics program is part of the VPK program offered by the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County. 

Please call us at (305) 666-2203 for more information, or for an appointment to visit the Child Care Center.

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